R-2000 Homes

The R-2000 Standard (R-2000) is an industry-endorsed technical performance standard for energy efficiency, indoor air tightness quality, and environmental responsibility in home construction.

Houses built to the R-2000 Standard typically exceed the energy performance requirements of the current Canadian building codes and are recognized by meeting a high standard of environmental responsibility.

R-2000 homes are built with the following elements being key aspects in the energy efficiency and design:

  • Controlled Ventilation Systems: adjusting continuously for maximum efficiency;
  • Windows: essential in allowing solar radiation to contribute to home heating;
  • Engineered Flooring Systems: stronger floors, reduced impact on our forests;
  • Advanced Wall Systems: various insulation systems designed to offer high levels of energy efficiency.

Becoming licensed is only the first step. R-2000 builders must subject every home they build to the rigorous R-2000 quality assurance process.

The R-2000 Quality Assurance process involves:

  1. Computer Analysis of the home design prior to building;
  2. Construction Inspection by an independent R-2000 inspector;
  3. Ventilation Inspection by an independent R-2000 inspector;
  4. Air Leakage Testing must meet or exceed the current standard;
  5. Process Review verifies that the home complies with the R-2000 standard;

To read more about R-2000, please visit the Natural Resources Canada website.