Our History

Tom MacFarlane and his brother Dave started the house-building business in late June, 1962. At that time, the company was called MacFarlane Brothers Limited. From the very beginning, they decided that they would be the best in the business, and they immediately set out to make that happen. Since that time, the name MacFarlane has been synonymous with the best in housing. The tradition of fine homebuilding continues today with Tom and his son Mike.

When the R-2000 program began, over 30 years ago, the MacFarlane’s realized that this was another way to separate them from the masses. Recognizing that this new standard would benefit their customers, the environment, and the industry, Tom and Mike – along with their key crew members – became R-2000 builders. They are now the oldest R-2000 builders in Nova Scotia.

In the mid-90’s, true to their progressive nature, MacFarlane Homes decided to build R-2000 homes exclusively. With the general public learning more about energy efficiency and the benefits to the environment - and their month-end bills – many builders began building to that standard. Tom and Mike held true to their philosophy that building a quality home, exceeding industry standards and expectations, and taking the time required to achieve those goals, was what mattered most. As such, they are not a builder concerned with quantity of houses built, but of the quality of the homes they build.